Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things

I've been seeing these lists on Facebook where everyone shares a bunch of random facts/things/goals. I like these lists. Here's mine:

1. I bite my nails. It's a dirty habit, and I've never attempted to quit.
2. I once ate a 6 pound cheeseburger in 7 minutes in a cheeseburger eating contest and still lost.
3. I like white wine better than red (even with steak).
4. I've seen every episode of Gilligan's Island at least a dozen times each.
5. I worked briefly at Victoria's Secret and consider myself somewhat of an aficionado.
6. The first piece of music I ever paid for was Guns 'N Roses "Appetite for Destruction".
7. I've met my favorite band in person (Rage Against the Machine).
8. When I first learned the "F word" I used to hide under my parents' bed and repeat it over and over again under my breath.
9. The most I've ever bench pressed was four reps of 295 pounds.
10. I don't forgive liars.
11. I've only been out of the country to go to Mexico and the Bahamas, but my dream is to see the rest of the world.
12. My freshman year at Boston College, a classmate I didn't know very well invited me to his house for Thanksgiving because he knew I lived in California and wouldn't be making it home to be with my family. That was the nicest thing a "stranger" has ever done for me.
13. To figure out North, East, South, West, I still repeat in my head "never eat shredded wheat."
14. Beer: As long as it's ice-cold, the brand doesn't bother me.
15. For me, a good cigar improves everything.
16. I regret not spending more quality time with my Uncle before he died from cancer. He traveled the world, served his community, prayed the Rosary daily, and loved wine. I miss him.
17. I was convinced I couldn't swim until I got to high school and said, "fuck it," and jumped off the high dive.
18. I went through 17 years of Catholic school. All theological lessons can be summed up in four words: don't be a dick.
19. I've never heard a sermon that has affected me as much as a Radiohead concert.
20. Right now, I'd love nothing more than to have a job that requires travel.
21. I used to have a lot of unnecessary hate built up inside of me, but now I realize that hate is a big waste of energy and emotion that I can be using on something really cool.
22. I can't believe how much money I've wasted already at such a young age. New philosophy: have less, do more.
23. I think I'd still be working in Hollywood if I wasn't so damn sensitive.
24. I used to sleep on top of the covers to avoid having to make my bed every morning.
25. Someday I'm going to own a house with a big backyard so that I can have cool barbecues. You're invited.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real People, Man. Real.

I watched a shocking amount of reality television this weekend. At one point, I watched four consecutive reality shows on VH1. I've become an addict. Part of me thinks that this is the result of my affinity for documentary films, but that ain't the truth. My life has become less interesting than the ones I stalk on VH1, Spike, and Bravo. I'm not proud of this. The more I think about what a waste of time this shit was, the sicker I get. So, from now on, screw reality TV (except Real Housewives. I need to see what went down with Gretchen and Ryan.)

Monday, January 12, 2009


I can't stop laughing at the bitee's face. Can you?

Also, does it look like the biter is laughing at biting at the same time?


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vince McMahon, some Lawyers, and a bunch of Congressmen walk into a courtroom...

Transcript of the WWE Steroid Hearing, courtesy of SPORTSbyBROOKS.

I read this thing and almost wet myself in the process. It's about 100 times more entertaining than that farce a few months back starring Roger Clemens. One thing's for sure: Vince McMahon is not a doctor.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Stunning series of pictures here.


How does the bachelor party situation work itself out in gay marriages? Do you have two separate parties, one for each gentleman, or do you do one big one? If you do two separate ones, wouldn't each guy want to go to the other guy's party? Solve that riddle, punks.